Ok, how about fall?

One thing I am not very fond of is the lack of definite seasons in California – but from what I understand, until recently, most of the country could say the same. Not anymore. Yes, it doesn’t get THAT cold during the day – 70’s, maybe touching 8o once in awhile. But the nighttime is CHILL-LAY – 50 is chilly, right?

I am trying to be good about what I eat this week – Thanksgiving notwithstanding – and while we do treat the boys to fast food every once in awhile, I try to sometimes, once in awhile, occasionally make a good choice myself. Today I took the boys to KFC, which has a Long John Silvers attached to it. I used to be a fan of the Shrimp Fish and Chicken Dinner until I read it had as many calories as you needed in a whole day in that one meal! I decided to try one of their fresh grill meals – salmon with rice and veggies:

Seriously tasty – and less than 300 calories (around 6 points if you’re a WW follower) ! Who knew the land of “oh my gosh, fried bit of batter, completely gross oh my lanta how delicious is this” could actually make something THIS healthy?

I just may get through this winter a lot bit thinner yet!

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  1. What!? Getting healthy before the holidays? Are you crazy?

    Just kidding. I think it’s good you’re doing that. We started a tradition a couple years ago where every Thanksgiving we swap one traditional dish for an alternative that’s healthier. If we like it, we keep it, if not, no big deal. So far we’ve kept the two we’ve swapped. This year will add a third.

    In a few short years our entire Thanksgiving meal could be healthy dishes and alternatives to the more traditional ones. Crazy huh?
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  2. To be fair I was visiting CA about 10 years ago and on Dec 20th that year the whole State had a snap frost. One day we were playing at Disneyland in t-shirts and shorts, next we in buying blankets to keep the kids warm! We thought hell had frozen over, techincally it had 🙂

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