If you’ve never spent any holidays at Disneyland, Halloween might just be the perfect holiday to start with. With everything from scary rides to seasonal snacking and activities, Halloween time at Disneyland is a treat!! (didja see that? treat – trick or treat? Well, *I* laughed anyway-lol)

Halloween at Disneyland 

It’s no secret I am a total Disneyland nut, so when I was lucky enough to be a guest of the Disneyland resort this last weekend (along with my boys and friend Marni), I just knew I had to jump at it. We started our day at Blue Sky Cellar at California Adventure – if you’re a wine lover, this is a great place to start your Disneyland day. In addition to the vino, you can catch a glimpse of what is coming up at the park – new rides, lands and events. My fellow bloggers and I got treated to a preview of the Halloween events coming up at Disneyland…

What this video doesn’t show is our visit from Cruella DeVille, and her INSISTENT demands that we VOTE for her…


It seems that this year YOU get to choose who is the favorite villian at Disneyland

I of course assured both Cruella AND the Wicked Queen that they of course had my vote, but I will have to keep my final vote secret.

Disneyland Halloween 

We enjoyed a halloween tour, complete with visits to the Hollywood Tower of Terror, Haunted Mansion Holidays (SO happy Jack is back!!), Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy, and capped it all off with dinner at the Big Thunder Ranch BBQ. I don’t think I can eat anywhere else in the park now – you get SO much food – ribs, chicken, sausage, salad, corn, cornbread and beans, all served family-style. It also includes a fun stage show!

Starting in October, Disneyland will have trick or treating on select nights – trust me, you will go home with LOTS of treats! It’s not just candy either – we went a couple of years ago and recieved apples, carrots, and crackers in addition to the more sugary treats. It’s a great alternative to traditional trick or treating.

Now…I just need costume ideas! Anyone?

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  1. That looks so fun! We have been to Disney World in Florida for many holidays but never Halloween. What a great idea. I would love to make it over to Disney Land one day too.

    Hmmm. A costume idea for you? Hmmm. You make so many blogging dreams come true… so some sort of fairy princess/fairy godmother I’m gonna say. Haha!

    So glad y’all had fun!

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