Corners of my home…

This is my favorite part of my Kitchen – it’s an old Ikea shelving unit that I have turned into a microwave cart/cookbook shelf/baking pantry. I am definitely not lacking in cookbooks…but I am always on the lookout for more good ones – any recommendations? Do we have any of the same books?

Kitchen Shelf

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  1. Neat!

    I think the old farmers cook books are great because they get down to old fashion farm cooking. I have a Better Homes and Gardens one from 1945 I covet. Plus it was originally my grandmothers but I bought a used copy so her’s wouldn’t get in even worse shape!

  2. I could spot How To Cook Everything from clear across a crowded room. I love that book, I just used it last night to make butter cream frosting for some cupcakes! And, of course The Joy of Cooking, my Mom gave me that when I got married, even though she taught me all the basics.

  3. I have the Alton Brown books, too! How to Cook Everything is on my wish list. I don’t think I recognize any on your shelf, but you can’t go wrong with the Taste of Home cookbooks.

    One of my favorite cookbooks is Graceland’s Kitchen. It is a collection of recipes from Elvis Presley fan club members which they view as “fit for the King”. It even includes a few authentic Graceland recipes. The dishes remind me of foods at family Holiday gatherings and Church potlucks. It’s a fun read, too. The recipe titles are a hoot! For example: “Jailhouse Rock” Baked Beans, “If the warden had thrown a party at the county jail, he would have served Jailhouse Rock Beans.”

  4. Ha ha! We had one of those Ikea storage shelves too. It finally ended up in the garage when we beat it up too much.

    We have a ton of cookbooks but as they are (almost) all my husband’s I’m not real sure what we have.

  5. I just got “Deceptically Delicious” by Jerry Sienfelds wife, its adorable!!!! And I love all the fun cupcake books out there, I got one at Costco, so cute!

  6. Love the shelf. I am an Ikea freak too. We have so many shelving units from them. As for my cookbooks though, unfortunately they are all stowed away under cabinets and gathering dust bunnies!

  7. Hi, I just found your blog and I love it! It’s so inspirational and refreshing! I always love to see woman celebrating the home!
    I also love my cookbooks, I really love anything Paula Deen!
    Come by for a visit sometime!
    Warm Pie, Happy Home

  8. I too love “How to Cook Everything”-I even gave a copy to each of my siblings for Christmas one year.

    I also love “The Victory Garden Cookbook” in the summer. It has a chapter on each veggie-which is great for when you are flooded in summer squash and need a different way to prepare it etc.

    I also like “The Farmhouse Cookbook” by Susan Loomis. She toured the country for a year or something and stopped at various farms and gathered recipes. This was one of those I got out from the library 2 or 3 times before I broke down and bought a used copy via amazon.

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