That is the question…personally, I don’t mind seeing ads on blogs for things that the writer actually uses…then it seems more like friendly advice, I guess…Like I put an ad down there on the left for the Pay Jr site…it seemed kinda cool-you put your kids’ allowance on the card, they can upload any design/picture on the card themselves (I’m such a goober, I thought about doing one myself!), and I would think it would help teach them about spending, especially if they can earn extra $ doing chores…

So, are ads ok on blogs? Does it matter if it is something the writer uses/likes themselves? I am contemplating doing a site that is all reviews for stuff people send me, and more ads, but only for stuff I use anyway…good idea or not??

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  1. All in moderation. If there are so many ads that you’re done reading the blog post, before the ads appear, then there are just too many.

    And if it’s something that you like to do, go for it! It’s your space afterall. =D

  2. I’m not a big fan of ads, in general, but I’ve seen them done tastefully on blogs a couple times. It depends a lot on how you place them and whether they’re text or graphics. Text is less annoying, but tasteful images can be okay also. Be choosy, I guess.

  3. I don’t place ads on my side bar, however I do do pay per post ads. I only write about things I would use, or that I think are a good idea… I think of them as commercials, if you don’t like just scroll throught o the real meat and potatoes of the blog…. but the extra money comes in handy, and as opposed to ads where you don’t make much money unless people actually CLICK on it, the pay per post ads you get the set rate no matter what.

    Some people like them some don’t, but as a Mom of going on 5 now (2 step, 3 my own) I need all the cash I can get!!!!!!

  4. I am with the Bombshell, and am not a big fan of ads. I have had a couple blogs that I really enjoyed reading, but then became so cluttered with ads and “pay per posts” that I did not know what was sincere and what was a ploy to make money, so I quit reading.

    If it is done in moderation and tastefully, I do not mind.

  5. Mom-O-Matic has eBay ads that I thought were cool and then I tried them and it just didn’t work for me- I sorta felt whorish, even though my blog costs 8.95 a month and it would be great if it paid for itself! I had some comments that ever since I had added the ads to my blog that it would kick people off- I dunno- I removed them…I don’t mind seeing them on Blogs if they don’t detract from the content. I click on everything! hahaha! I am still wondering what candy corn kisses would taste like?….

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