This kind of apron has been my lastest obsession. For crafting, housekeeping, or just wearing around the house, these are probably some of the easiest, yet most customizable aprons around…you can patchwork, embellish, embroider, bedazzle (ooh!), applique to your hearts’ content. Many of these are being used by people at crafters fairs for making change…you could put anything in these! How about an ultimate “Mommy” apron with a pocket for all of a mom’s necessities?? Wipes, phone, ipod (lol), towel loop, etc…hmmm-I may have to go work on this idea!!

Cafe Apron Love

1. Quilted apron with pockets, 2. Craft Apron 002, 3. Craft Apron, 4. craft apron, 5. Crafting Apron for Amber, 6. Craft Apron, 7. patchwork cafe/craft apron, 8. red flowers, 9. red, black and white craft apron, 10. craft/work apron, 11. café apron, 12. cafe apron::potholder set, 13. funky cafe apron, 14. awning stripe/floral vendor apron, 15. NOW we’re ready for renegade!, 16. Garden apron

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