Yesterday, on This Vintage Chica, I blogged about a great day of junking my Mom and I had on Tuesday. Some of the days scores included this pile of vintage aprons. So, today I wanted to show you each and every apron in its full glory here so that all of us apron lovers can ooooh! and aaaaah! together. Shall we?

retro green print apron

First up is this fun little retro print apron. I love the colors in the main print and how it was paired with the apple green solid and the white ric rackI’m a sucker for ric rack on anything.

black green mod apron

Next is this sweet little number. The print is of little french men in berets climbing on ladders and riding bicycles. A close up of this print can be seen here. I love this one because I have not seen an apron with a yoke and button like this one. It has the same apple green trim as the one above and makes me wonder if they were made by the same person. Maybe?

I was thrilled beyond belief when I saw this souveneir apron from Portugal mixed in with a bunch of old linens. I also dabble in a little embroidery when I’m not collecting aprons, so when I saw one of these a few months back on flickr I added to my faves and was bound to find one for my collection. And here it is finally!

This apron is interesting to me. First, I love the color combination. I have been drawn to this mustard yellow a lot lately. And paired with turquoise…I love it! But also, look at how the pockets are done. Yep, those little jut outs on the side there are the pockets. It always amazes me how many different ways there are to shape an apron. This one is yet another interesting apron design.

Here are a few more…all of summery little calico prints. You can find lots and lots of these simple little aprons. But I have to say, these are by far my faves. These are the types of aprons that help clothes pins, were used as pot holders when one was not handy, were used to wipe noses and worn while washing dishes.

And last but not least is this fab-o little diddy. I do not buy the frilly fussy aprons. But this one was a must have! I say it is frilly because the person who put this one together used three yards of fabric in the skirt. Seriously three yards, I measured it. Again, I love that mustard yellow. This time paired with black and white polka dots, modern and classic all in one.

Oh, and the best part…I didn’t pay over $2 a piece for any of them! Even though aprons have become hot collectibles, you can still find some great deals if you know where to look and aren’t afraid to dig.

Several of these will be in the shop as soon as we get settled in Virginia, so if you see something you like, stay tuned. You can read more about what else I found while out and about with my mother on This Vintage Chica.

If you have a vintage apron collection you would like to share, email us at theapronista(at)gmail(dot)com and we might feature your aprons here.

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