I am a dork…I admit it, I am the FIRST to admit it.

So I decided that I HAD to move the useful and not un-aesthetically pleasing shelving that held all my cookbooks and canisters, and breadmaker, and microwave OUT of the kitchen, and into what is becoming my “creative space” (which I think only qualifies IF you actually create something in there, which is impossible seeing as I insist on moving stuff around and making huge messes in the process). It seemed to make the kitchen more open! (um, yeah, I’ll go with that)

So that necessitated finding new space for the microwave-no problem, I have a bit of counter space that it fits in-oh, but then I have to move the utensils…hmm. No matter-now the books can go back in the bookshelf, just in another room…are you seeing a pattern here?

So after 2 days of hemming and hawing, of moving, and shifting, and cleaning, I have decided to not only move the shelving back to its original location, and put everything back the way it was, I have found space in my kitchen I didn’t even know I had!


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  1. Hehehe. Sounds like a typical weekend in our house. Just yesterday I completely reorganized the pantry – and now nobody (nobody!) can find the snacks or the cookbooks!!! But I can!

  2. I do this kind of stuff all the time. I am so into reorganizing all the time, I even lose track of where I end up putting stuff. I start off thinking I am doing something logical and then end up feeling like, “what did I just do?”
    I move around furniture into different configurations then after a day I go nuts and move it back. My hubby wants to kill me at that point.

  3. I am horrible about constantly rearranging rooms — especially my kitchen. Someday I’ll find a configuration and stick with it, I guess.

    Maybe. 😉

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