Colors have been selected, and the we have decided the placement (I think)…


From Left to right: (all paints by Behr) Cocoa (rejected-looks like makeup rubbed on the wall) , Ultra Pure White (for trim), Butter Cookie (for kitchen and master Bedroom – although I love it so much I would put it in every room – can I do that?), Warm Nutmeg (rejected – too dark), Oyster Bay (a fav from The Nester-maybe the boys room), Svelte Sage (rejected – pretty color, but too blue). The bottom two are celery (the color for the breezeway/crafting room, and maybe the boys room) and Pumpkin Butter (living room). So it looks like the rooms will be the butter cookie, the celery, and the pumpkin butter. Not very appetizing a combo for food, but I think they will be pretty in the rooms.

Really – CAN I do the whole house butter cookie? It’s such a pretty yellow without being too sunshine-y or loud. It will go with what we have now, and will definitely go with what we have planned further down the road…I need you obi-wan-kenobi bloggers! Help a girl out! 😀

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  1. I would totally go with butter cookie… we did our living room, kitchen and hallways all a similiar color to butter cookie and the dining room a darker celery-like color, and all of the trim is a white color called queen anne’s lace. Butter Cookie = Beautiful!

  2. My ‘rents did several houses and painted the entire interior a color very similar to butter cookie. I thought it looked really nice. 🙂

  3. Looks great – if you want to back off the yellow in the Butter Cookie take a loot at their Baked Scone color. It’s what we used as our neutral on the majority of our interior and it worked out great.

    We used that and Copper Kettle for much the same effect it looks like your going with combining it with the Pumpkin Butter. (BTW our Cooper Kettle required three coats to get the full richness of the color so be prepared)

    You can see our two combined in Room #3 of our home makeover posts

    Which just reminded me that I’ve since re-done the furnishings in that room and need a new Pink Palace post!! Thanks for the reminder!

    God I love decorating!!!

  4. I like the yellow but I love the green celery color. I don’t think the yellow will be to over powering but maybe not in every room. I guess it also depends on the furniture and what you hang on the walls. Let us see when you are done!

  5. Domestic Chicky I am so happy to see you return! I had been coming by but never found any new posts. I was hoping that you and your family were okay and I am so glad to see you are back at your blog better than ever!

  6. I have been searching for the perfect yellow for our nursury; not too lemon-, but enough yellow to not look like cream. I think that Behr Butter Cookie might just be the color I’ve been looking for! Thanks for the inspiration. Love your palate, your house will look great!

  7. Absolutely…you can use Butter Cookie throughout. In fact, and I obviously don’t know the layout of your house, but if it is an open one, it really does work best not to change the colors terribly often. When you do that, you kind of defeat the purpose of the openness because what was supposed to flow, now stops and starts (make sense?). In addition, I say you do what you like. Use those other colors in some smaller accent ways. It will be beautiful!

  8. I have a color that’s similar through my whole downstairs and up the steps… I just changed the colors of the curtains and things and VOILA! Different mood… same color – yay!

  9. I say absolutely! Go for the entire house in Butter Cookie. And especially if it goes with everything. It can just be a more cheery neutral. I really like it. But they all are great colors.

  10. Butter Cookie is FANTASTIC!! I would do that for sure. You can always do an ‘accent’ wall somewhere. Or make the bathrooms the different colors.

  11. The butter cookie is beautiful! Also love the celery. And LOL about the cocoa looking like makeup – you are so right.

  12. yum…..i’m the worst at deciding colors….had to have a designer friend just TELL me what to do…and i have not regreted that. some of your choices look like some of what i’ve done.

    love the new bliss logo too….

  13. Don’t you love how paints are all named some food or another?

    I have Peanut Butter in my living room, Oatmeal in the dining room, Lemon Meringue and Pea Green in my kitchen and my front door will be Dark Mint. Can you tell I was pregnant when I picked out the colours? 😉

  14. Hello I hope I am not intruding. I stumbled upon your blog threw another blog I frequent!

    I too am painting, well my husband. he he We have it primed and puttied now, we have a “african sunset” aka burnt orange on one living room wall so far. We are “discussing” what color to put with it though. We have also chosen a celery for the kitchen, dining and panty with cream or white cupboards and trim. Yet the bathroom is another area we can’t decide. Any suggestions? I want to just use plain white towels and we have the mirror, light,curtian rod, garbage can in foggy metal. An old fashion petastal.

    I really enjoy your blog.
    Have a great day!

  15. Just found your blog. I cracked up when I saw your choices for paint. Our kitchen is done in Butter Cookie and our living room is done in Pumpkin Butter 🙂 They go GREAT together.

  16. I just chose the pumpkin butter and was worried that it might look too “pinkish. I need a neutral beigy paint for another wall to go with this – any recommendations?

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