Since I haven’t been around here too much, you may have wondered where I HAVE been. Then again, maybe not – lol. What I have been doing mostly is cleaning – yes, I am one of those weirdos that gets a full head of steam to clean in the fall and winter. Something about the cool air – such as it is, since it hasn’t gotten much below 75 for the last month. I have painted (2 rooms down, 4 to go, and yes, I STILL love the Butter Cookie paint by Behr), I have scrubbed, and I have baked. Put up my Christmas tree – restrung the lights – twice. Oh, and cooked and worked a bit.

So today I thought I would catch you up on what’s been up with me, and a few of my favorite things (great name for a song, huh??

  • Who knew a little scrubby dish brush from Target’s $1 aisle would make me so sublimely happy? These came 2 to a pack, and wouldn’t you know, they don’t have them anymore. If I had known how valuable they’d become, I would have bought a lot more. There is a reservoir on top that you can put your favorite dish soap in, and it comes out a little spout underneath when you push a button on top. I keep one in the bathroom too to scrub out the sick in the mornings and all I have to do is rinse!


  • I have been asked to speak at BlissDom ’09 – (faints)…I am thrilled to be speaking about blogging for beginners, and about using blogger as a platform. I can’t wait to meet all the fun girls of Blissfully Domestic in person, and most of all I can’t wait to FLY!!!! (yes, I AM that kind of dork) I would love to see YOU there, and if you live in the Nashville area, I apologize now for any ruckus I may cause in your fair city…Make sure you check out the line up of speakers – I can’t imagine a more talented group of women!


  • I have another giveaway coming up next week, again from Lands End – and this time there will be 3 winners! Something to keep you nice and toasty…


  • What kind of cookies are you making this year for Christmas? I have Chocolate Chip cookies, Snowballs, puppy chow, and almond roca bars on my list so far, but I am always looking for new recipes and fun ideas…


  • One thing you might NOT know about me (well, a couple of you do) is that I am a TOTAL geek for all things Disney – especially Disneyland! Brian and I had passes for years before the dudes were born, and tonight I am lucky enough to attend an event at Disneyland for Mom Bloggers and their families, then we will be spending tomorrow at the park – SQUEEE!!! I have met up online with a few of the other moms invited, and we will be twittering and blogging all about it…


  • I will soon be linking to my photography site/blog, which won’t mean too much to anyone who isn’t local, but I am willing to travel for sessions too! I will primarily be doing portrait sessions (babies, kids, families, high school seniors), but I plan to venture into weddings when I have a bit more experience.

Whew – that oughta do me for another couple of weeks, right?? (kidding!)

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  1. Alas, I’m not doing any baking this year. Which is a tradegy considering my new house has two LARGE ovens in it. I’m geeked.

    Maybe I’ll have my bakefest for Valentine’s Day instead!

  2. Friday at Disneyland was a blast! I hope you had fun! We had a great time… I just wish I had more time to meet all the other wonderful ladies there. There was just so much going on, that I didn’t get the opportunity to chat with too many people. I would have loved to meet you! maybe next time!

  3. Bio Babe & I made cut-out sugar cookies last weekend! It was so much fun! I’m always on the hunt for good cookie recipes as well–if you come across any good ones please post them!

  4. You have been busy and I’m so excited about your speaking gig…have a great time in NashVUL.

    I’m a sucker for roll out sugar cookies. I’ve been making them since Halloween and I can’t seem to stop!

    I make a caramel snack mix using Chex cereal, and peanuts. I haven’t made it an a while but I believe corn syrup and brown sugar are involved…it’s yummy. I can send you the recipe if you’d like!

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