I mentioned a while back meeting Nathan Pacheco and Ender Thomas at Blissdom and getting a sneak preview of the Yanni Voices concert. What I didn’t expect was that I would be meeting them again in addition to the two lovely ladies they share a stage with Monday night at the Yanni Voices concert in Anaheim. I had seen Yanni years ago and knew I was in for an amazing concert, but I was blown away by how much the vocals added to the experience. In addition to Nathan’s soaring operatic tenor, and Ender’s deep, emotional vocals, Leslie Mills’ warm, rich voice and and Chloe’s versatile, sensual performance brought Yanni’s music to life and took this concert to a whole other level…

The instrumentals are still the heart of Yanni’s performances. Some of these musicians have played with Yanni for more than 20 years – and everyone gets their chance to shine. Dancing brass sections, dueling violins, drum solos, and a man who does things to a paraguayan harp that should be impossible to do only added to the incredible energy and passion that Nathan, Leslie, Ender and Chloe shared with the audience Monday night. This carried on into meeting them after the concert, where I was blown away yet again by Nathan and Ender’s charm, and Leslie and Chloe’s beauty and poise. They were gracious and sweet and had we had more time, would have loved to sit down with them and ask a million questions.

If you get a chance to see Yanni Voices live, it will be an experience you won’t soon forget. If you don’t, keep an eye out for a video – they were taping last night, so there may be a release soon!

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