If Donna Downey makes an apron…

From Donna:

“the idea for the apron came from a sketch i had drawn in my idea journal while waiting for my connecting flight in the aiport. the idea eveolved a couple times in the sketches i drew and finally i came to the idea for the apron “exactly” as you see it. this usually never happens that the project i make turns out exactly as i had envisioned it in my head.”

“because canvas is my happy place, i stated with that as my base and just built up from there, gathering, stitching and applying layers ( i love layers!) until it was finished. i am beyond pleased with the way it turned out and it currently is sitting on a dressform in my office until i get the courage to actually wear it, LOL!”

All I know is I about fell over when I saw it. I think I would be AFRAID to wear it myself, but this is truly a work of art – thank you SO much Donna for letting me share this with my Apronista friends!!

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