I found an excellent tutorial for making cloth grocery bags here, via Craft Magazine. Can you believe she made all of these from one sheet?


Now I don’t advocate cutting up the good sheets you’re already using (because…DUH!), but get down to your local thrift store and pick up a groovy vintage sheet for less than $5 and you’re set! Here in California, there are many stores that are going to start charging for the plastic bags, and seriously, how many of those things can you really use around the house?

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  1. Your getting my sewing thumb going today! I have been hanging onto this groovy sheet that I just can’t quite figure out what to do with. This very well may be it!

    The stores around here have been offering .99 bags at the store within the last year and I like them they just aren’t real pretty.


  2. I likey! I should dust the sewing machine off and get started! My family and friends would flip if I actually did something constructive for the environment. :o)

    (who needs to be more green)

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