I have never been good at decorating walls. I think I reached my peak when I had Donny Osmond and Scott Baio posters on my wall, torn out of 16 and tiger beat magazines (ack – dating myself!). Luckily for me I know lots of creative chickies who can show me the way…

Pear Wall Art

…and last, I thought I would show you what I am working with – this is my living room just after I painted. Consider these the “before” pictures:

Living room -1

This gives you a good look at one side of the living room – the coffee table is soon to become an experiment in painting – I’m thinking black…the couch is a olive-y green.

Living Room - 2

This is the other end. I have lots of wall to fill, don’t I? I am lukewarm about the bookcase, but it will work for the time being…I am making pillows for the couches too!!

I would love advice, and to see your favorite links for wall art and decoration!!

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  1. I love the color!! I have to say how JEALOUS I am over your shutters!!! I’ve been wanting shutters on my front (huge) window forever. Not gonna happen until I find them at a Yard Sale, haha!

  2. I’m thinking an oversized photo or art piece leaned on your mantle with some candle sticks and other goodies. Maybe two long pieces on either side, or Candace Olson-type scounces. And some beautiful and colorful floor to ceiling drapes will break up your wall with the picture window! ; )

    Also, I love the idea of painting the coffee table! But use a foam roller in order to get into all the crevices and not leave fuzz! Ha!

  3. Floor to ceiling curtains, don’t skimp on the panels. Something different w/the flooring. Acid stain is cool. Mantel needs to be larger and probable white. Need new fireplace enclosure, not brass. Large piece over the mantel, or flat tv. built-in bookcases always look good next to the fireplace.

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