Land’s End Giveaway Winner!

Sorry for the delay today – we get a little rain here in California, and everything seems to go kaput – including my internet connection this morning.

I had 67 entries, and 6 by twitter, for a grand total of 73. So after putting that number in the old random number thingy, it came back with:


Which corresponds to:

Kate said:

The men’s slippers, definitely. Hubby needs some new slippers. One of his is being held together with tape. NOT an attractive look. :)

Congratulations Kate! I will attempting to contact you by email!

Thanks to everyone who entered this giveaway. Make sure you come back on the 5th of January when I will be giving away 20 pairs of jeans!!!

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  1. Yeee!!! I won?!? I never win! Yay for me! (And hubby.)

    And ironically enough, 14 is my lucky number. Truly. 🙂 Thanks Deanna for the prize. I appreciate it.

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