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First off, congratulations to Christie, winner of our first Apron Giveaway on The Apronista. We had over 600 entries, and I now have more reading material than I know what to do with! We start a new giveaway today, and it’s a good one! Here’s a sneak peek! 

With the exception of a few goodies for the boys, Christmas is going to be handmade this year. Here is an excellent place to get lots of ideas:


 She is posting a different handmade craft to make for the next 30 days, and she started off with a personal favorite of mine…APRONS! Duh!

I know it’s crazy, but I am already listening to Christmas music, and going thru wrapping, decorations, checking my lists…I haven’t always been the most prepared for Christmas, and my intentions far outweigh my means most years, but I am determined this year to change that. I need traditions people! Tell me your favorite holiday traditions, recipes, routines, music, gifts, games… Whether they are silly or solemn, I need a little Christmas…right this very minute!

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  1. Holiday traditions you ask? Here’s one…vow each year to start your shopping/crafting earlier but then DON’T and get all stressed about it! That seems to be my tradition although I sure wish I could start a new one! I do have a HUGE list of Christmas goodies that I make each year…7 layer bars, cookies, balls and truffles. Yummy stuff! I’ve also carried on the tradition of striving to be the best stocking stuffer around…my Mom held that title for years!

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