sgi-lemon.jpgI need help! We had a meyer lemon tree out in the backyard, and we got a pretty good hard freeze last year, which pretty much destroyed it. I know how to prevent it now, but we have suckers coming up from the bottom of the tree (I haven’t had the heart to cut it down – I was holding out hope for it)…can it be saved? Can I root the suckers?

Also, we have the other kind of Lemon Tree – the more orange-y one. And it has become a wild child, never staying thinned out for long, and injuring us with the stickers more often than not. Any tips for pruning, or are we destined to own a psycho tree?

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  1. I don’t know about pruning but I did have a lemon tree that died off in a freeze but then it came back. I think you should cut the suckers off and then make sure it stays watered all summer and it might be okay.

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