This cake has the worst name…

Better than Sex Cake.

Not really appropriate for an 8 year old’s birthday…

But the combination of caramel, toffee, chocolate and whipped cream?

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Better than ____ Cake (help me come up with a new name for it!

  • Chocolate cake
  • Jar of caramel sauce
  • Can of sweetened condensed milk
  • Container of Cool Whip
  • Bag of Toffee bits or crushed heath bars

Prepare a chocolate cake according to directions for a 9×13 pan. Allow to cool completely (very important!!!). Using a wooden spoon, poke (lotsa)  holes all over the cake. Mix the caramel and milk and pour over the cooled cake. Cover with cool whip, sprinkle with toffee. Chill one hour.

PS – I added a sprinkle of sea salt to the top of mine – wow…

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  1. I had this at a surprise birthday party in jr. high for a male friend, and his mom called it better than Robert Redford. Now that I know the real title, I can see why she changed it! 🙂 It IS yummy though!

  2. I would call it a Better Than A Facial (or massage) cake. I have a friend who swears that a facial is better than sex, so sounds appropriate. :o)

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