Inspired by the cool Apron I talked about last week on the Apronista, I decided to make my own “everything apron”. I made it with big pockets for everything I seem to carry with me all day, it’s reversible (with another long pocket) and it wraps almost all the way around, so it almost looks like a skirt rather than an apron. The idea was to be able to wear it out when running errands, to eliminate having to carry a purse…so to try it out, I wore my foofy Apron to the grocery store last Saturday-it worked really well! I had my keys in one pocket, my phone in another, and my list & money in the center pocket. The reverse side is one big long pocket, divided into 4 I think…It is a great Apron, but I have some revisions for version 2.0 – I won’t make the next one quite as long-each time I went to sit, it was like wearing a tight pencil skirt. And my pockets won’t be as wonky as they are on this one. Still, I love the idea…and I can’t wait to make more!

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My other picture for crafty Tuesday was something that was made FOR me…My friend Sonia makes awesome crystal tees, but this time she made me a felted Notre Dame bag! Squeak! It is soo cute, and was the envy of all the people at the UCLA game this last weekend (I let my MIL borrow it for the game!).

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So yay! I got to participate this week! See more Crafty Tuesday participants over at Pink RicRac!

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  1. you didn’t tell me you had a brand new looking page! its beautiful!!!! And so organized! i love it, D!!!! 🙂 Thanks for the crafty tuesday! i still need to make me one of those aprons. they look so handy. i can just see myself carrying around my duster, towels, blackberry so we can chat, ipod, adn everything else i tote around this house iwth me!!!

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