It’s that time again – seeing some of my favorite people, staying in a fun hotel, and making lots of NEW friends!


How likely is it I’ll be posting while I’m gone – slim to none…(hey, just being realistic)

But I will be posting on Instagram – you can find me here – Chicky’s Instagram.

If I was smart I’d figure out a way to blog from Instagram. I believe there is a way – I just haven’t figured it out yet…

Speaking of iphone artistry, I’ve found a few new apps you might want to check out!

Wood Camera – easy to use, great filters, and you can see what your photo will look like BEFORE you take the picture!

8mm – AMAZING video app – the oscar nominated film “looking for sugarman” was filmed on it! You can get all these fun vintage film looking effects.

Toon Camera – turn your images and videos into animation!

Miniature Cam – fun tilt shift effects (where real life things look miniature)

If I see you at Blissdom, HI! If not, I’ll be back here NEXT Monday for sure…who knows maybe sooner!!

This is My Fifth BlissDom!


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