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  1. What an awesome video! Everyone in all sizes should see it. That woman is fantastic.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Sorry about making you snort water out your nose! LOL : )

  2. I loved that video. I was sad to see so many negative comments. I truly hope she ignored them.

  3. LOL! That’s amazing! I definitely want to hang out with her too! Am going to be linking you. My blog isn’t much right now as I’m just starting it out.

  4. LOVED this. Thanks so much for sharing! I want to watch this every morning for inspiration. I also HATE shopping in trendy stores where the largest sizes they have are skin-tight on me. I look in the mirror and I see a tall, average, curvy-hipped gal…. but the media and clothing industry would label me “fat”, for sure. Ugh. I have some skirts that I want to make and sell on etsy, and I promised myself from the begining that if I ever made clothing, I would ALWAYS offer plus sizes.

  5. Love this video! I’m an average-sized woman, trying to get a bit healthier, but will always hold onto my curves. They’re what make me a woman!

  6. I am laughing a lot here! I am even crying because I am laughing too much. I wish to get the confidence she has, maybe 50% of that. Really, I am 164 lbs, 5’7″ and having trouble to shop for clothing. Yep. I don’t exercise, that’s not good, but I don’t eat half of my mother in law eats, for example. I’ve been eating salads and sea food most of the time. My mom discovered she had high colesterol and taking medications and put in a diet made her loose 15 lbs. I am going to test for tyreoids (excuse me my bad English, some words might be written wrong – no dictionary at the moment). The lady is really funny. All the preassure to loose weight makes me nervous…but at the same time, makes me think that being too overweight (if I keep gaining and gaining) is not going to be good for my health.
    I loved the video!

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