So….kidney stones. (see, I made a funny in the title!)

School ended for us on June 6th, and I proceeded to get sick the following week – like, I was hospitalized for 5 days sick. AND….lucky me, it’s still not over yet. I was hospitalized with an obstructed kidney. I had a stone that wasn’t quite small enough to pass, but just big enough to get stuck in the tube that leads from the kidney to the bladder (the ureter), and cause a dreadful infection.


I have one final procedure next week, which is outpatient, and it should be smooth sailing after that – we can acutally enjoy the rest of our summer, which I really need because we have decided to homeschool this next year. I need all the break I can get…

Especially in light of the fact that my kidney stones are mostly the result of too much of this:

No more sodaIt’s been 5 days since my last coke (sniff)…


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