Is Summer Break over yet??

Ok, I’m kidding…kind of. I’m looking forward to this summer break – I was so giddy yesterday waiting for the small dudes to get out of school it almost felt like *I* was getting out of school! We have grand plans, I tell you – the beach, bowling, skating, swimming lessons…I’m excited/tired/hopefully tan just thinking about it.

I promised the boys Tuesdays and Thursdays would be their days – days to do projects, go on adventures…So if you need me I’ll be here –

Day at the Beach

We’ll definitely be making a trip or two here. It’s one of my favorite places. Not to mention where one of my favorite people lives…

One day we’ll have the RV, and the time, and resources to travel the country. But for this summer, we’re going to explore closer to home…

What are YOU doing for Summer Break?

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  1. I haven’t succumbed to the candy crush craze – too easy for me to get addicted LOL. Pinterest is bad enough for me!!

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