I never know how to recap events after I attend them – people go out of their way to make your experience an amazing one, and I hesitate to post right after the event, because really, how many times can you say AWESOME in one post? This causes me a lot of problems in recapping Blissdom this year, because AWESOME seemed to be the keyword of the conference – from the attendees, the sponsors, the friendships, to the entertainment and speakers, AWESOME was everywhere…

My Picture, Dawn's Camera and awesome processing 😉

On Wednesday, we had our wisdom workshops (I had the honor to help lead the photography workshop), and the tone for the entire conference seemed to be set. I love seeing friendships bloom and renew, and you could power a large city on the positive energy in our little corner of Opryland.

Thursday the real fun began – it’s amazing how much bonding goes on between women over meals – we had to be shooed out of just about every meal! Among our AWESOME sponsors, I have to admit my favorite was Quaker Oats – since I started back on weight watchers, oatmeal has been a huge part of my diet, so much that I brought packets of oatmeal in my suitcase to have for snacks – you can imagine how thrilled I was to see they gave us an Oatmeal Bar for breakfast one morning! Tons of toppings, and my favorite breakfast? Swoon!

There was so much to do, so many people to talk to, and so much to learn! Our closing keynote speaker was Scott Stratten, author of Unmarketing – I know marketing is in the title, but his kind of genius applies to everyone – and the fact that he’s funny as hell (and isn’t afraid to rock a pink frock?)? Swoon again!

I have tons more to share – my airplane adventures, the insanely crafty chicks I met, the FLASHMOB (see the FAB Chris Mann in the shot above)! I am in the process of finishing up a few design projects (one for me – stay tuned), buying a new camera (squeeee!!), and TRYING to get my house in order – so check back soon!!

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  1. As they say… when at Blissdom, do as they do 🙂

    So I figured wearing a dress was appropriate. And dancin too 🙂

    So glad you enjoyed the event Deanna, it was truly one of the best crowds I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing a talk with!

    Love the blog style, btw.

  2. Oh girl – I have such a hard time w conference re-caps cause i get home and get hit with all the stuff that piled up while I was away!

    Blissdom was INCREDIBLE and yes very AWESOME indeed!

    And that flash mob — best.conference.moment.ever. Wonderful shot!

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