One of my favorite events at Disneyland is Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. It’s not only the near-perfect weather, the festive atmosphere, or the candy…

Oh, who am I kidding – it’s ALL about the candy.

Truthfully, my favorite part is seeing the park change from extraordinary, to AMAZING. It’s also one step from Christmas time, which never fails to turn me into a little kid again.

Halloween comes pretty close – there is music, dancing, shows, decorations…and CANDY.

You can choose 2 different ways to celebrate Halloween at Disneyland – spend the day and enjoy the sights and sounds, or purchase a separate ticket to Mickey’s Halloween party – which allows you to Trick or Treat through the park collecting treats – pretzels, carrots, apples, and candy. I love that they offer different treats and not JUST candy.

I can never say enough about the employees of the park (cast members in Disney-ese) – we unfortunately lost one of our bags of candy during the fireworks (OMG the fireworks – they were awesome and scary all at once!) and after getting a new bag from one of the candy carts, they proceeded to heap treats into it, making one little guy very happy.

Oh, did I forget something? You mean the HAUNTED MANSION?

Yes this is the whole reason I come – I wasn’t a Nightmare Before Christmas fan before Jack Took over the Haunted Mansion Holiday, but I am now – my boys love it, we know all the word to all the songs, and our Fall/Christmas season wouldn’t be complete without it.

We were provided with tickets to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, but was not in any other way compensated for my opinions. If you know me, you would know you never have to pay me to gush about Disneyland 🙂

Photo credits: top – mine, bottom – Disneyland

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