5 minute bread, a fabulous roast, and planning a menu

One of my goals (resolutions?) this year was to plan our meals better. For fast food to become a treat rather than a 2-3x a week occurrence. Not just for our health, but our pocketbooks as well (not that Chicky Husband carries a pocketbook – he’s more of a clutch person-lol).

I pored over many plans and ideas, and rejected as many as I considered, then I came across this little bit of brilliance –

Nester’s Imperfect, Flexible, Doable Meal Blueprint

The Nester has done it again – the only woman who could inspire me to pick up a paint brush has me semi-organized in the kitchen too. Her plan isn’t rigid, takes only a little preparation, and as a result we’ve had wonderful dinners this last week.

One of her suggestions is that you make bread dough every week – I know – MAKE BREAD! But it isn’t as hard as it seems using the 5 minute method.

Well, it would have been easy if my yeast had been good. I mixed up a batch Monday, and while I got some rise, it wasn’t nearly as much as it should have been. I went ahead and made the bread anyway…let’s just say the NHL would love this bread.

I have been meaning to try the 3 packet pot roast recipe I have seen around pinterest, it’s beyond simple: one packet each of ranch dressing mix, brown gravy mix and italian seasoning. Crock pot, water, DONE.

It was delicious – salty, but delicious. Made the most amazing gravy, but again, a bit salty. Next time I will try my own mixture – WITHOUT so much salt! :)

Have you tried any menu planning? Bread making? I would love to hear what you think about Nester’s plan!

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