Ugh! Why is it I can come up with brilliant posts when I am unable to get to the computer – but the closer I get to it, the brilliance fades to mediocre, which then fades into…nothing. I got nothing.

I have been filling my head with inspiration and brilliance at other blogs though. Funny, clever, creative…I remember those words – they may not have been describing me, but I remember them! 😉 So while you are waiting for my to pull my whatever out of my whosit, please visit these amazing ladies and check back on me in a day or so – I feel the vapors coming on…

A Feathered Nest

Bobbi & Mike

The Leftover Queen


Daily Relish



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  1. HI!
    I love your site! You ARE clever and funny! Thanks why I check it out!
    Anyhow, thanks for the Autisim link and the other blog links. I like to check out new blogs for inspiration!
    Good luck on finding some of your own inspiration!

  2. Boy, I know how that feels. It’s awful, isn’t it? You think you’ve got this brilliant idea for a post, but when you go work on it, you realize it’s so thin that there’s really nothing to write except a couple of sentences.

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