What happens in Vegas…

lvsignf.gifSo this time next week I will be on my way to Las Vegas – 😀 ! It’s been awhile since I’ve been there, and even though I am staying at one of my favorite hotels (Caesar’s), and I have plenty to do (Bunco Championships 🙂 ), I want to know if you have any secrets, tips and favorite places. I am more of a gambling/drinking tequila kinda girl, and clubs aren’t really my thing, so give me your best! My only must-do at this point is to stop by Vosges to get a…are you ready for this?- a bacon chocolate bar – for this chick … Ok, and one for me too, because really? Bacon? AND Chocolate? In one bar? It’s like a pre-menstrual woman’s dream!

I dragged out my sewing machine this morning, and I am just waiting for the Crafty Fairy (more like free time fairy) to visit. I have some aprons to make, and I need to make a case for my (NEW!) laptop – have I introduced you all to her yet? Oy! (Note to self-add camera batteries to shopping list)Looks like I have a busy weekend ahead!

Before I go, you MUST check out the Tracy Porter website  – it is full of absolutely swoon-worthy clothes, linens, and other home goodies…I LOVE that it is so girly, but not so pink.

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  1. Bunco, Vegas AND a bacon chocolate bar?!? Are you SURE you’re going to heaven??

    Ok, so you have to check out the piano bar in New York New York. SO much fun. They have dueling pianos where the guys play requested songs and the entire bar is singing along. I thought I’d check it out for an hour and ended up stumbling out three hours later, half-deaf and it being one of the funnest things we did in Vegas.

  2. If you dare leave the security of the strip, take a cab to Henderson to the Green Valley Ranch for a *nice* steak dinner at Hank’s. It’s a bit pricey, but I know I get reallllly tired of the crappy food that still costs a fortune anyway.

    You must, of course, check our The Forum Shops at Caesars (you probably already know that) and go a little further down the strip to take a look at the new hotel – The Palazzo. It’s going to make the Bellagio look like chump change.

    And oh, can I come? Please?

  3. I love browsing the Forum Shops. If you like Asian cuisine check out Dragonfly and Hannah’s both local places. . .really, really good!

  4. I lived in Vegas for about 4 years, but all of my favorite places were away from the strip. Have you been to Red Rock Canyon? It’s beautiful! Not far from the strip if you have access to a car. You can hike or just drive through and take pictures.

  5. I know i’m obviously a little late, but i just wanted to pipe in with my favorite vegas spots.

    1. get a gondola ride at the Venetian (my uncle is one of the gondoleers!) and while you’re there check out the new Palazzo.

    2. The pool at the Golden Nugget. (Fremont St.) it was cheap to stay there and the pool rocks. you swim with sharks, kinda.

    3. the fountain show at the Bellagio. free, but not as crowded as the PI show.

    4. Just downtown in general. it’s a whole different feel on Fremont. less expensive and a little more gritty.

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