Ok, here I am…It has been a mad crazy week, but I survived, and I have an announcement at the end so keep reading!

First thing Monday I got a package from Fed-ex…hmm-I don’t recall ordering anything…then I remember! My buddy Nichole sent me an Ipod to review! Wahoo!

Now I have never actually had an ipod (the horror!)-I did win one awhile back, but I gave it to my husband and haven’t seen it since…he LOVES it. So I was really excited to get this one and try it out. The gift set comes in either pink or silver, and it comes with CHOCOLATE! Pretty good ones too! So, the true test is, can I figure this thing out to use it?

I can!! I got my “chick mix” downloaded (christine, shakira, beyonce, ashlee, fergie, kelly, and yes, even a little britney when she was hot and had hair), a couple of my audiobooks (great for my walks I INTEND to take each day), and a couple of pictures…this thing is SO easy! And she sent me the PINK one, which is so cute! So now my only dilemma is which fabric to use to make a cute case for it? This spceial edition packaging will be available only at best buy

Another thing I recieved last week is a big box of True Blue Blueberry juice…did you know blueberry juice is better for you then cranberry juice for urinary tract issues? Plus, it isn’t near as acidic. You learn something new all the time, huh? All I know is this stuff tastes really yummy. The boys love it too. Plus, you can use it in recipes or to make syrup for pancakes. OK, enough with the commercial, right? We honestly did love it, and I will be buying it after our current supply is gone. Check it out for yourself here, and this will be me in a few days…

Unofficial Willy Wonka Home Page

Now my big announcement is that I have partnered with my  friend Eren (vintage chica) on a site all about Aprons! It’s called The Apronista, and it was inspired by last weeks post about Kim at Olive Juice.

 I'm an Apronista!

Whether you make, sell, collect, wear, or just love Aprons, we hope you will find something interesting here. Please forgive the mess over there, we’re still tweaking, and messing around with the “decor”, but it should be a lot of fun! One of the things we look forward to most is reader participation, so if you have pictures of your favorite aprons, or better yet YOU wearing your favorite aprons, send them to us – theapronista at gmail dot com, or join the Apronista Flickr group and upload them there, or send us your links to your etsy shop, ebay store, blog, etc…We hope to have contests, reader profile & interviews, and a lot more…please feel free to snag the button too if you like!

I am also going to try a project with my friends to post every day, even if it’s just a picture or a blurb…sounds easy right? Oh, I guess that means Saturdays and Sundays too…no matter, I will give it a go. See you tomorrow!

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  1. I have a new found love of aprons. I don’t have one yet, I love so many of them I am not which one to buy first.

    I am dying for a pink ipod!

  2. The packaging for that Ipod is so cute!

    I’ve never tried blueberry juice, is sure sounds a lot tastier than cranberry. 🙂

    I’m off to check out your new apron site. I want to make an apron!

  3. No fair! I want to receive cool stuff in the mail for free, too!

    Mmm, blueberry juice sounds yummy. I’ve never see it.

    Congrats on the site.

  4. yea!! i love making aprons! AND i want a pretty little ipod! did you get to review AND keep it? tell nichole i do great reviews! it’s part of my actual j-o-b you know! 🙂

  5. Girl, you are always up to something new!
    I need to get my sewing machine fixed, so that I can actually learn to use it. The first thing I want to make is an apron!

    How do you get all this stuff sent to you to try?

  6. Friglet: “I want to make an apron!” –

    An apron for what? Her laptop? Or maybe one with a pocket to hold her TIVO remote? Oh man, I needed that laugh!!! Wooo! God I love her!

    Never heard of Blueberry Juice – I’ll have to check it out.

    Welcome to the 365 Club!

  7. Crappity crap crap – I just realized I never called you back. Email me if you still want to talk. And I hope you get to keep your pretty ipod!

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