One down…

I finished this apron tonight for a friend-I hope she likes it! I still have to add the fabric flower, but I think it turned out cute! I tried a new pattern/method of sewing aprons, and it was actually pretty fast! I used the apron pattern from the Amy Butler “In Stitches” book.

My new Apron...

So this is one apron down, and about 10 more to go!

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  1. ME ME ME ME! I want, I need, it’s so cute and adorable, I want to make out with that apron!

    PS) Your shirt is en route…probably stopped in Vegas today to gamble. Should get tomorrow!

  2. Your apron turned out great! I’m hoping to make one of those soon from the Amy Butler book. I love the fabrics you chose for yours.

  3. This apron is the prettiest I’ve seen in a while ! Congratulations ! I love the fruit fabric — I keep seeing it online, but don’t know its name… any info ? I’m still up for the magazine swap, but haven’t heard from you again — however if you’ve changed your mind, it’s ok with me, too. Just wanted you to know. Nice blog that you have !!!

  4. Oh my goodness, that is too cute. I want to be your friend! What an eye you have for color.

  5. I love the apples and pears!!! Where did you find that fabric? My kitchen is done in apples. My mother just gave me her sewing machine so I’m going to attempt to start sewing again. I have so many projects running through my head right now it is rediculous. Vintage half aprons are definately on my list of things to sew.

  6. I’m so glad you delurked!! I have loved getting to know you through your blog. And I loved how your apron turned out. That apple fabric is so cute. I haven’t cut up my Amy Butler fabric yet. I’m still to nervous I’ll mess it up!!

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