The Farm Chicks is one of my favorite sites, and has been a huge inspiration to me, so I was very excited when Serena agreed to write a little something about Aprons for us:

For us, aprons symbolize a love of motherhood, friendship, domesticity and all things homemade. As friends and
business partners, we’ve baked together more times than we can remember.

(Photo courtesy of Country Living Magazine,
Debra McClinton, Photographer)

Our apron racks overflow with our favorites – old, new, some hers, some mine, all worn and filled with memories. There’s Teri’s first – from when she was just a baby, Serena’s favorite – a gift from Teri, our children’s, and so on.
As the holidays near, we’re filled with excitement. There’s baking and projects to be done.

Not just for our families and friends, but for our very first Farm Chicks book – to be published in the spring of 2009. We’re also working on the return of The Farm Chicks Show in June, 2008. It’s busy, yet meaningful. Each day begins with our aprons tied on and ends with another day of memories.


(Photo courtesy of Country Living Magazine, Debra McClinton, Photographer)
Teri and Serena have generously offered to give our fellow Apronistas a little goodie bag of any 2 items from their site, along with a vintage Apron. Can you see me turning absolutely green with envy here?
To enter, go to The Farm Chicks site, and look around. Tell us in your comment what 2 items from this page and this page you would like to see in your goodie package.
You may also enter again by posting bout the giveway if you have a blog, and then commenting back here.
Also, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, you can also enter again by leaving a comment about what you are most thankful for this year.
I think Eren and I are most thankful for the support and the friendships we have made from this little idea of ours. What started out as a fun way to share our love of Aprons has grown into something we never imagined. Thank you for letting us share something we love, and we hope to bring you more Apron Love in the next year as well…
As always I forgot to put the deadline to comment on here, so as a bonus, I will give you til
Sunday, November 25th at 9PM EST to enter. I will draw the winner on Monday morning. Good Luck!!

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