Pat Sloan – Apronista Giveaway #2

Many of you know Pat Sloan as the Queen of Quilting, but maybe you didn’ty know that Pat also makes amazing aprons too…and she has made 2 aprons just for us to do a giveaway for you!

Pat sent us a wonderful story to share with all of you…enjoy!

I’m pretty much an apron collector… over the years I’ve picked up aprons at flea markets and antique stores. Aprons have found their way to me via friends and family and I often covet an apron that someone else has!

The first ‘antique’ apron I bought was this Rock-and-Roll piece which is MUCH loved! I am sure the lady must have been tiny because she put a HUGE hem in it. This apron put me on the hunt for more (and who doesn’t love the HUNT!).

Others that are too fun for words are the frilly ‘cocktail’ aprons. Now did someone really wear these? I’ll bet they did…. Martini anyone?

During the last few years I’ve made a few aprons to be used, given them as gifts, and kept them for myself. Recently I’m into a trim apron and adore the half/cafe aprons for hauling my stuff around when I work. Here I am wearing my current work apron.

I’m ever so pleased to share my apron obsession with you. If you want to hang out, I blog every day at where I chat about all things fun; from fabric, decorating, and food to traveling, books, and how to fit getting stuff done into our busy lives.

In my ‘real life’ I’m an author, fabric designer, traveling lecturer/instructor and quilt pattern maker. You can see my work at my website where I have a neat little store with lots of my stuff and other ‘finds’ that I know you’ll love … at 15% off the entire month of November… yeah you!

So… I’ll see you soon!

So we are lucky enough to have Pat give away one of two Aprons she made just for this giveaway…all you need to do is go to her page HERE, and choose which Apron you would like – the Blue Moon, or the Chocolate Covered Cherries, and comment back here with your choice. YOU can also enter again by posting about the giveaway on your own site and linking back to us – GOOD LUCK!!

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