The original of The Women is one of my favorites, but I wasn’t willing to go into it thinking it would be second rate – not with a cast that included Meg Ryan (who FINALLY got her old face back-she looks great), Annette Benning, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Candice Bergen, Bette MIdler, and Debra Messing (did I mention I loved her hair is Will & Grace? In this – not so much 😉 )

The movie is unique in that there is not a single male actor to be seen – not even in the street scenes, not even in Saks Fifth Avenue (totally swoon-worthy, by the way). The story is at its heart a story of friendship, forgiveness, and the power of women. You MUST go see this with your best friend, your sister, your mother. It’s THAT good, and it’s THAT fun. Full of GORGEOUS clothes, amazing shoes, inside jokes, and lots of great dialogue, it’s definitely a great movie for a Girls Night Out.

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  1. I HATED this movie! I was sooooo looking forward to it and saw it with my best friend. It was trying way way too hard to be zany and madcap. I thought the only funny part was the butter-eating scene.

    That being said, the scenery was fabulous.

    Jens last blog post..A New Blast

  2. Thanks for the review, Chicky! I had a little discussion w/some of the girls at work about this movie today. I think we’re gonna try and go next week.

    SO glad to hear Meg Ryan has found her old face again! 😉

    kellies last blog post..The Subways

  3. I still haven’t see it. I’ll wait until Netflix.
    I did hear Meg Ryan say, on Ellen (I think) theat there was 1 man in the film, but you had to look closely for him. Hhhhmmm….

  4. This is a flick I hope to check out with my mom or best girlfriend. I saw some great previews from it, while watching The Starter Wife marathon, and it looked great!

    Thanks for sharing!!

    Amys last blog post..My First Notre Dame Game

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