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ACK! 70 days ’til Christmas!  Are you making any lists, checking them twice? I am just now starting to think about who’s been naughty (only me, actually…diet who?? 😉 ), who’s been nice (a whole lot of people!), and what to tell people who want to give the doods presents (they love books, so I think Barnes & Noble Gift Cards would be good, right?).

I am trying to make this at least a 50% homemade Christmas. I have a (basic…REALLY basic) quilt to make (a la Amy Karol), lotsa jammie pants, a couple of wristlet/wallets (my first time making these!) a few Aprons ( I am trying my second version of my Everyday Apron today-gah! I think I need a better name for it though-ooh! Contest!). Cookies & other goodies for the neighbors and (some)relatives,  and I may even try to make (design) my own Christmas Cards…

Ugh…only 70 days??

PS-Any opinions on the blog makeover so far? I might make a couple more tweaks, but I think I am done. 😉

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  1. Yes, me too. I can’t even stand the thought that Christmas is moving in (with a vengance). I totally panic each year trying to get it all together. I always have these high standards that I will do this, this and this and by the time it creeps up, I am only 1/4 of the way to where I wanted to be….tis the Season.

  2. Seventy days, huh? Wow, I guess I better get my tail in gear to finish my crafting list. I’m also trying to do mostly handmade stuff this year. But I think I overstretched myself, just a bit when I look at my list and see how many of them are just in beginning stages.

  3. Wow! It sounds like you will be really busy the next couple of months. I’m looking forward to hearing how your projects go & seeing some pictures of the finished projects–especially the PJ pants.

  4. thanks for your comment! how pleased am i to discover your blog? {very!} this is lots o’ fun! i’m all about some stalking! 🙂

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