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While at the Super Wal-Mart, I was sniffing the fabric softeners (stop-you know you do it!), and I decided to go with the oh-so-yummy Snuggle Lavender & Vanilla liquid.

*DH: “Um, I don’t think you can put Snuggle in the Downey ball…”

Snicker smiley

* normally “darling husband” but for this purpose I will go with daft -lol

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  1. I have to smell EVERY single one of them. I can’t wait until I run out of Downy, so I can get the new stuff 🙂

  2. HeeHee! That bit about snuggle in the downy ball just made my day. That’s totally something my husband would say!

    great blog ya got here…

  3. Funny you mention it. I was “sniffing” the other day (at the Super Target) and by some freak sniffing accident, got Downy splatter all over my shirt. I smelled very good the rest of the day, but was covered in tiny spots.

  4. I’m allergic to Snuggle for some reason so I get the Lavender Downy……Also Tide makes a new detergent with a lilac smell and baking soda…luv it!! But Target has only had the citrus of late and I don’t care for citrus anything. 🙁

  5. I just discovered using Downey and the clever little Downey ball. Introducing this “Snuggle” or what have you is just really beyond me… for now.
    What I have learned is that you should put bleach in the downey ball. It doesn’t end well.
    I use the Downey that comes in the green bottle, not sure what it’s called, but it smells good so I just stick with that.

  6. Wait… you should NEVER put bleach in the Downey ball – is what I meant to type.

    See??? Told you I was inept.

    (Does this excuse me from laundry duty??)

  7. The laundry isle is one of the best places! I too am a sniffer. I always get excited when a new product comes out.

    The Coffee isle is a good place too.

    I could totally hear my hubby saying the same thing. Bless their hearts.

  8. LOL! Im going to admit I asked myself this question one day but the heck if I was going to vocalize it. Men are just awesome like that.

  9. LOL! That is exactly like something my husband would do.

    Oh, and sniff everything. I have gotten lotion and detergent on my nose a few times too 🙂 BTW- that is my absolute favorite scent!

  10. It seems that I asked this today. OUT LOUD! In front of my sister! I was very embarrassed…LOL. They say I’m so smart, but I sure do ask dumb questions LOL. Tell your hubby I empathize with him!

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