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  • Today’s fab Friday is all about health and taking care of myself – including my new fitness partner Sherry! I met Sherry last year at Blissdom and we bonded instantly. She is smart, kind, and the perfect partner (in crime!). I noticed that she posted about her weight and that her weight and mine were virtually the same (she is wayyy more forthcoming than me, so if you’re curious go see her 😉 ) – cant think of a better sign than that! She wrote a FAB post today – go visit and say hi!
  • 17 day diet – not only is it practical for me I know people who have gotten great results. I also suspect I may have issues with dairy or gluten/white flour, so this will help me figure that out. It was surprisingly easy to stock up on the food necessary, and it’s been fun to figure out new ways to eat familiar foods!
  • Fitbit – this is more than a pedometer – it measures steps and miles, and even how many stairs you climb! It also monitors your sleep and how many times you awaken. There is an app for your phone that keeps track of all your statistics, and let’s you track food/calories, and your weight – it’s like having a fitness coach/nutritionist clipped to your clothes!
  • Greek yogurt – it’s become my favorite breakfast! I mix plain (I know, stay with me) Greek yogurt with FROZEN fruit – pineapple, raspberries or mango. I either mix in as is for a frosty treat or I thaw it a bit and blend it in a magic bullet and stir in. It’s definitely helped curb any sweet cravings I’ve had. The pineapple is especially sweet.
  • Audible * – audio books have become my lifeline for keeping my mind occupied while I walk. I’m not logging great distances yet…baby steps! My favorites lately have been “Wife 22”, “I’ve got your number”, “The Help” and “Julie and Julia”. It’s also become my favorite way to make housecleaning not-so-dreary…

I hope you share what’s FAB with you in the comments – in the next few weeks I have new makeup finds, music, and my cookbook obsession!


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