This Sunday I will be headed to Hollywood in my formal gown, with George Clooney at my side…

Wait – that was my dream last night. But I am headed to Hollywood this weekend to sit in the red carpet bleachers at the emmys, courtesy of Duncan Hines. They are the official dessert sponsor of the Governor’s Ball this year, and they had a contest to create a cupcake to be served at nominees reception, and a delicious-looking red velvet cupcake won. You can make the Red Carpet Glamour Cupcakes for your own Emmy Party!

I am so excited to see the Emmy red carpet. You see the beautiful women and the GORGEOUS gowns on TV, but I can imagine they are even MORE beautiful in person! I love to see all the behind-the-scenes goings-on too, so I am sure I will be trying to look 50 different ways at the same time…

Speaking of getting my g(l)eek on: (LOVE Jane Lynch!!)

I'm a GLEEK!

And getting my geek on:

Big Bang Theory

I’m not sure we can be friends if you don’t watch Big Bang Theory…

…and I KNOW we can’t be friends if you aren’t a Mad Men fan-

Mad Men

 Ok, we can be friends, but I won’t stop bugging you to watch it…just the clothing and set design alone is reason enough to watch.

I am not sure if I will be able to tweet while I am there, but you can follow me by clicking on that little birdie on the right sidebar. I will have my camera for sure, so I will have lots of pictures to share next week!!

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  1. OMG!

    Also…did you see Jon Hamm? Love him.

    OK I gotta get in bed but I will stalk your Twitter stream tomorrow for pics from tonight. 🙂

  2. Oh how fun!! I am green with envy. Just being able to dress up that fancy would be fun, let alone seeing all those dazzling stars!!!

  3. I hope you had A BALL at the Emmys! Was January Jones dress as horrible in person as it seemed on TV? Still, love a lady who takes chances.

    Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. I’m with you!

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