Thank goodness, since we have all been hit with some sort of bug, and I plan to spend the weekend under a blanket, in my flannel jammies…as a matter of fact, I just might change into them right after I post this…

We had a great time at Disneyland, but corralling 2 kids in a REALLY crowded park (first sunny warm day in weeks, go figure) made it hard to take pics. I got a few cute ones – I will put them up as soon as I can download them.

I want to thank everyone who entered the jewelry giveaway. I will post the winner first thing tomorrow, and I wish I had something to give everyone, but I think Lotta would kill me for that 😉

Ugh, my head is too foggy to make sense for much longer, so I will see you tomorrow with the Pink Retro winner!

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  1. Sorry to hear that you’re all sick!! It’s been a horrible winter as far as viruses go. We’ve been sicker this year than ever.
    Take care and get well soon.

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