Happy New Year!

Just a quickie 🙂

Happy New Year!!!

How are you spending New Years? Are you making any resolutions? I have a few hopes…um, wishes, wait – goals? Not sure what to call them…

  • I started Weight Watchers this month – like for reals WW, with meetings and everything. It’s going good so far, it’s been fairly painless, but it’s a process. I want to keep doing well with this for next year. Will I reach my goal? By the end of 2011 for sure!
  • I had a bit of a hiccup with my photography business – my camera went all wonky, and it’s almost as much to fix it as get a new one, so that is on my shopping list for early this year (along with a new lens and one of these {swoon!!}). I want to continue to grow in this area, and enjoy the community of the fabulous female photographers in my area that I have met this last year, and continue to help other photographers.
  • Creative – I got a new sewing machine, and I have yet to use it – there are so many wonderful patterns and tutorials out there, and I wish I had time to sew all day, but I will make it a goal to sew one or two hours a week.
  • Blogging – I have decided to give the Apronista blog to a friend who loves the site as much as I do – I know she will take great care of it. I will still be chatting up aprons around here – I have over 100 to talk about after all!!
  • Blogging part deux – I have never been a daily blogger, but I am committing to once a week…but working towards 3.
  • I let a lot of stuff go in the name of being mom, chauffeur, blog designer and homemaker extrordinaire (HA!), and that is probably my biggest goal for the new year – I swear I have 4″ half-gray roots and haven’t had a good facial or pedicure in months! That, if nothing else, will change – FIGHT THE FRUMP!!!

Eeek – not so much of a quickie, was it? Are you setting any goals? Resolutions?

PS – these links are NOT sponsored, paid for, blah blah blah…just some of my favorite things 🙂

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  1. Great about WW!!! I joined in Feb 2008. I just love it! I made my goal and made lifetime in just a few months. I did not have a ton to lose. It really does work. I am a couple of lbs over my goal now, am on the new program and attending meetings as I was absent most of the summer! Good Luck and stay commited ….you will love yourself even more ever!!!

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