Yanni Voices Preview

One of the most unforgettable parts of Blissdom started off rather unauspiciously – Saturday morning after breakfast, we were told there was going to be a special screening, and the hotel ballroom was scattered in HUMONGOUS Sony tv screens – the one at the front being about as big as a movie screen. The lights dimmed, and the music of Yanni began to swell…


But this is no ordinary Yanni – Yanni has found amazing vocal artists to accompany his flawless arrangements, and these singers just add to the soul-stirring music.  Two women with voices of angels, and two HANDSOME men who sang songs of love. But the best was yet to come…after the lights came up, we were introduced to the two male vocalists in the video, Nathan Pacheco, and Ender Thomas…


They were as charming and handsome as could be – and endured every question, request, and even sang happy birthday to the women lucky enough to be celebrating that day. Then took pictures and signed autographs for everyone who stood in line to meet them. 

I could go on and on some more about this fabulous  concert, but even better, I have a video preview of the Yanni “Voices” concert that is showing on PBS starting Monday – you can check your local times here, and get more details here. But watch the video first…

Thank you to Barbara and Arianne from One2One for organizing such a great surprise for us Blissdom Chicks!

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  1. What no comments for Yanni!!! I can’t believe it…I am a Yanni fan with NO apologies 🙂 I would have loved to be there with you! Thanks for the video!

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