Just wanted to say hi and find out what you thought about the new look around here (yes, I changed it for the 947th time). It’s definitely bright for spring! I gave my other sites makeovers too, so look over here —> to visit them. Oh, and on one of them there is a shmancy GIVEAWAY!!!

I also have a post up on Inland Empire Family about Flea Markets in Southern California. If any of you are local and want to meet up at a flea market one weekend, let me know – I would love to hang out!

We are off to the mouse house again on Wednesday. Shhhh…don’t tell the boys! Speaking of, here is a picture from our last visit 🙂


PS – just a tip, from me to you – when you park your car at a big place – ie, Disneyland, shopping mall, etc…Take a picture of your parking spot (the sign or the pillar closest to your car) with your camera or cell phone – no more lost cars! (also works for kids too – Just in case! 😉 )

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  1. The side bar is definitely ORANGE ;D Header is very cute nice and clean

    Taking a picture is a great idea as long as they don’t have the same scenery all over the parking lot LOl

  2. I love the bright and springy look around here! I sometimes take a picture of my car at work and church too. I’m always losing that car!

  3. I love your new look girl!

    We had a local Nashville blogger meet up Sat. night and you came up in (a great way) during a conversation about blog redesign!

    p.s. love that parking tip…I SO need that! LOL 😉

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