Luv’s Diapers – A Domestic Chicky Review

Once again, I was given the opportunity to try a product that I already had a favorite brand of. Diapers. I was a Huggies Mama for the last 5 years, and I didn’t think anything was going to change that. When I recieved a package of Luvs to try, I was even more sure-what kind of wetness were these flat little diapers going to absorb?

Ooh, they do smell nice though…and the first thing my son noticed was Blue on the diaper. Ok, I decided to give them a real test. I left one on thru one normal (wet only ) diaper change, and you know what? It had room for more! I did change my little guy at that point, but I was impressed. I think it has to do with the blue layer you can see thru the lining…it reminds me of the lining of a menstrual pad-super abosrbent, and it didn’t get all puffy like Huggies does when it gets saturated. So, now I buy Luvs, especially when I saw that a BOX of Luvs, 60 diapers, was the same price at Target as a package with less than half the quantity.


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  1. I used to use Luv’s for my girls and my sister uses them on her kiddos too. The amazing thing is Luv’s is one of the most inexpensive diapers and yet one of the best at absorbing and not causing rashes! I Luv Luv’s!!

  2. I was given the opprotunity to try them too. I really like them and your right at Target they are about 5.00 for a small bag cheaper than the other top brands. I like your review..

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