I know, I am a lousy blogger…do you ever have those times when you couldn’t possibly add anything more to your to-do list, but stuff keeps coming anyway? *sigh* Me too…It’s a really good kinda busy, but seriously, if anyone knows how to get by on 4-6 hours sleep, please let me know! I will be forever grateful!

I have gotten a few design requests from my etsy shop-someone asked me to design some business cards-Fun, right?? I can’t wait to do my own now! I have been doing a lot of blog banners, and stuff in blogger, mostly because it’s the easiest one for me to work with. I got the foofy stuff down pretty good, but coding and html is still like trying to understand a foreign language for me…

(for Terri) Hubby LOVED St. Louis, and even tolerated the humidity pretty well. So this is definitely something we’re considering…we can’t move anywhere for 2 more years because of his job, but we figure that gives us plenty of time to plan! I have a running CA/STL list going…lol

Did you know you can post in advance on wordpress?? You can just set the time for a date in advance, and it will post automatically!! How cool is that??

I am definitely having a love/hate relationship with Photoshop…it sits there so smugly, just daring me to presume that i have any idea of what I am doing. Which I don’t, but I try not to let on. Who does photoshop think it is anyway?? It’s not like photoshop is the only game in town…Ok, it’s the best one, but still!!

I have also updated my myspace…who knew it wasn’t just for high schoolers and pervs? There is actual networking going on! I am on there as domesticchicky as well… stop by and say Hi!

A few links…

I was sent a sample of some products meant for those days when your, er, um…plumbing! Yes, plumbing, isn’t working as well as it should. And while my results were pretty much the same, I didn’t have nearly as much fun as my friend Sara at Suburban Oblivion did finding out. See her review HERE…make sure you read the rest of her blog too…she is one gorgeous clever mama!!

I was sent 2 products to try out-Metamucil Berry Burst, and Fibersure Clear Mixing Fiber…I wasn’t having any, um, current issues, but I had to taste to see how it tasted. The Berry was really pretty good! A bit gritty, but I think that can’t be helped…definitely better than I had anticipated! The clear supplement was kinda cool tho-you can actually put it into baked goods, or other foods, to mask the idea of having fiber, or a laxative product in your food…So you can put it in muffins, salad dressings, smoothies…not a bad way to get fiber into less-than-cooperative family members!

Totally intriguing fascinating and thoughtful blog-No Impact Man…Could YOU live an environmentally impact-free lifestyle?

More Crafty tutorial Links…From Granola, to a tote bag, to baby booties, you are bound to find it HERE.

Poll question of the day-
Blinkies-Fun & cute way to let people know more about you,  or just silly??

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

 Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket 

  Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket   

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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  1. I don’t like blinkies as a whole because they are small and the graphics don’t do well. But….I gotta say that I liked that Starbucks one!

  2. Man, I miss you….I’ve been so busy with D & I’ve been learning photoshop/digital scrapbooking as well, for blog designing. So, if I am online that’s what I’m working on. So, I’ve been a bad blog buddy.

    The countdown is on!!!! BB8 starts next week! Are you getting the live feed? I hope too, but I’m not sure if I’ll have it from the beginning though. I guess, we’ll be IMing next huh? 🙂

  3. OH! And I love blinkies, but you can go over board with them. Like I did when I first discovered them. I really like them as a way to let people know a little about yourself.

  4. blinkies bug me but I have to say these are pretty fun….Love the post. My space is great for net working. I make fun of it but there is someone for everyone I suppose. We actually have a my space for our nesting pillows but my friend Sierra is in charge… I am doing a new blog and will e-mail you regarding a blog banner!

  5. 1 – I love the banner you made me

    2 – You reminded me to find that toothfairy paper and scan it

    3 – since I have my hobby blog on wordpress, I figured out that post ahead feature and I totally love it!

    4 – I think I’m more of a button chick than blinkie chick. I know people who’ve written entire posts about how much they HATE blinkies. However, I think they’re really referring to people who tend to put up like 37 blinkies which is total overkill.

    You’re the best and when you live in St. Louis, we are going to GET TOGETHER!! 🙂

  6. I am loving the new banner!

    Blinkies can be fun but I have been to a few sites where the person as ODed on the blinkie love. So much so that it takes forever for their site to load. Your blinkies are cute though and are just the right amount.

  7. Those blinkies are kind of cute…a little cheesy…but in a good way! I may have to go investigate where to find them!

    As for the busy thing….I can completely understand!

    Here’s hoping your life slows down at least a little!

  8. Chicky, you are not a lousy blogger! In fact, check my blog when you can, there’s a surprise there for you! *wink*

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