Life, Bucket, To-do…

I love that so many people have their Life Lists on their blogs – I enjoy seeing what people dream of doing, and sometimes I get ideas for my own list. I am usually an optimistic person, and count my blessings on a regular basis, but there are things I can’t imagine NOT doing at some point:

  • Paris – always the top of my list. I’ve been in love with all things French since I can remember. My friend and I are vowing to go the summer of 2016.
  • Travel the US by RV – I was lucky enough to be a Navy kid. Lucky in that I got to see a lot of this country, and at the same time not enough. I would love to take a year, homeschool my kids and see the amazing country we live in.
  • Take Ballet again – I took classes as a kid, and I remember feeling so limber and coordinated – not like the lumbering hippo I feel like now – lol. This one I can do something about now – I found some free exercise videos on my cable box!
  • Create a photography studio co-op. Shhh….top secret idea!
  • Have a garden – grow veggies, fruit, herbs…I love the idea of being able to enjoy fresh picked produce from my backyard – especially tomatoes!

Well, there’s a few anyway. I think I might make a page just for the list and add to it as I come up with other ideas, I would love to hear what’s on your list in the comments!

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