Those who know me in real life know about my passion for all things Disney – I read the books, the message boards, the websites, and could spend days there and never get bored. So when I got invited to participate in a couple of events at Disneyland, I bet you can guess my answer…


This last event was the ultimate Disney Geek experience – we were invited to go on a sneak preview of the New and Improved “It’s a Small World” ride before they public got a chance to see it – AND spend a day in the park!

When I was younger, It’s a small world wasn’t on my list of top rides – but now that I have kids? It’s a welcome respite from the chaos of the park – a totally good kind of chaos, mind you – and the music has become rather soothing. I loved the changes they added to the ride – some of the newer characters Disney has added over the years make little cameos all over and even the music of certain movies has been added, but ever-so-subtly – like if you paid close attention, you would catch it.

There isn’t a whole lot of secrets revealed here, but you can get a little taste of what we got to see. By the way – riding “it’s a small world” 5 times in a row?? Piece of cake 🙂

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