The secret to amazing pictures…{giveaway}

A couple of years ago I had the privledge of going to a Sony workshop with the fabulous Me Ra Koh. I learned more than I could imagine and I was inspired beyond belief. If you have been watching the Nate Berkus Show, you may have seen Me Ra doing photography segments on his show. Me Ra continues to inspire me with her Soar! Scholarship program. Me Ra Koh would like to continue to spread some SERIOUS holiday cheer by changing the lives of THREE women who have a photography dream but cannot afford to make their dream come true!

For all you women out there who have been wanting to start (or have been struggling to continue) your photography business…this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss!  SOAR! is a scholarship award program that my husband and I started last year with the help of our partners; Sony, Adobe, Smug Mug, Wisdom Connection and many more!  The SOAR! Scholarship empowers three women to make their dream of building a photography business come true.  But more than three women are affected!  In fact, countless women soared last year as they followed along in the exercises and assignments on the SOAR! blog.  My vision is to not only change the lives of three women, but breathes hope and encouragement into women across the nation.

 Are you ready to take your dream out of hiding and give it wings?  If yes, we are currently inviting women to submit a 90 second video that shares why they have what it takes to SOAR! in building their own photography business. In mid-January we announce the three winners and begin their next 12 months of self discovery, empowerment and support to building a business that will last. The scholarship recipients will receive camera gear from Sony, beautiful websites and blogs from SmugMug, designed by Fast Line Media!  They will also receive software from Adobe that makes their life of photo processing easier. The women will not only be mentored by me and Brian but other industry leaders such as Jeff Jochum, CEO of Me Ra Koh Media, as well as receive monthly, individual, business coaching sessions from my former business coaches at the The Wisdom Connection. Every SOAR! partner that you see on the Partner page is here to empower our three recipients to go for their dreams.

Review the SOAR! website–lots of juicy details!  Visit the forum and meet new friends who are preparing to take flight or already flying!  This scholarship is about giving you the break you’ve been praying for!
SOAR! is about understanding the wind that lifts us. SOAR! is about having the courage to believe our dreams were given to us for a reason. SOAR! is about climbing swiftly and powerfully! SOAR! is about helping you jump, take flight, and believe that you can not only learn to fly but SOAR! 

If this is describing what you need, don’t wait…the deadline for all video applications is Monday, December 20th, 2010.  For all the juicy details, go to today!

Time to let your dream fly!

Me Ra Koh

p.s.  Got babies or toddlers and find yourself struggling to get a good family photo?  Set your DVRs for this Friday, December 3rd, on the Nate Berkus Show (NBC) as I teach Nate and a special family how to solve this problem!  It’s going to be a blast if you can only imagine THREE babies under 20 months with 200 audience members clapping and cameras rolling!  🙂

I can’t begin to describe what a gift this is.  I can honestly say that without Me Ra I wouldn’t have had the inspiration and the knowledge to start my own photography business – I am forever indebted to her for challenging and inspiring me to pursue my dreams.

Me Ra was generous enough to let me do a giveaway of her award-winning DVDs to download – One of you will win the set of videos that I constantly refer to and watch to inspire and refresh my creativity.

In Beyond the Green Box, Me Ra teaches you how to take your camera off “auto” and explains the triangle of exposure – ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed – and shows you how they work together to create a perfectly exposed photograph. In Refuse to say Cheese, Me Ra shows you how to create natural, candid photographs of your children as they really are, and creating more than just “posed” snapshots.

To enter, leave a comment below with your how you want to improve your photography, or even with a photography question you would like the answer to. You can also enter again by tweeting this giveaway using  this link – – I will draw a comment at random on Friday December 10th so you can have them in time for great Christmas pictures! Good Luck!!

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  1. How do I want to improve my photography?
    By leaps and bounds.
    I want to know more about what I’m doing behind the camera — I want to learn more about setting up my shots, looking at angles, depth of field, and how to better control the ISO and Shutter Speed.

    So much.

    For myself, for my family, for the future 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh – I am so excited about this giveaway!!! I am getting my very 1st DSLR camera for Christmas and just discovered Me Ra and “Beyond the Green Box” last week.

    I have loved photography for years and am finally ready to “Go For It”. Me Ra is hosting a workshop in my area in just a few months and I am just dying to go. What an inspiration she is!

    Blessings to you,

  3. How do I want to improve my photography? Wow…where to start!

    I studied photography WAY back in college, in the days of film. I worked as a free-lance photographer, had some decent success. But I changed the direction of my career into something more “practical,” and photography took a back seat for many years.

    A couple of years ago I was finally able to afford a DSLR, and I am totally underusing it. I tend to keep the ISO at 200 and use the auto mode. While I *understand* the trio of ISO, shutter speed, and aperture, I stick in the comfort zone of letting the camera think for me.

    BTW, my kids (and my few clients) know NEVER to EVER say “Cheese” when I’m shooting! As my goal for 2011 is (as it has been for years now) to ramp up my photography business, I’d love to have more guidance in that direction!!!

    Thanks! *mwah*

  4. I’d like to improve my photography so that I better capture my daughter’s beatiful face and spirit. No matter how I try, I know that I am not doing her justice, so any additional skill I can build is exciting! I love the feeling of capturing a beautiful moment, and I’d like to have that happen more often. 🙂 Thanks for chance to make that happen!

  5. This is an amazing opportunity! A lot of women in this time needs empowerment to pursue business of their own and one that will last a lifetime. Kudos!

  6. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve always struggled with photography and this workshop could definitely benefit me. Merry Christmas!

  7. I would LOVE to be able to just take better photographs in general. I think I’m doing everything right, upload the photos and then am unimpressed. HELP!

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