Crochet anyone???


Would anyone like to trade an apron/ipod case/coffee cozie in exchange for crocheting a pair of these babies??? 😉

Free pattern HERE (thanks Purl Bee!)

(UPDATE: Oops! My bad-these are knit…see how much I know?? 😀 )


  1. I make coffee cozies and would like to trade you….email me and I will send you a picture!
    These Texas fingers are getting cold! Deb

  2. I’m up for it – send me an email.

    It might take a little while because I’m not a super fast knitter but it looks like fun and I’d love an apron.

  3. The two things I do the most of are knitting and cooking… sound like a match made in heaven. Let me know if you’re still looking for a trade…

  4. I lost your email address. Wasn’t sure if you still wanted the crocheted version since you had so many knitters respond too. 🙂

  5. I would love to find a crochet pattern for fingerless gloves! My knitting skills are for …well, you know. My so-called sewing room is actually an enclosed patio, and it gets cold out there, even in California.

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