A round up of goodies…

Baby Celebration LA


Yours truly is doing makeup for Mommy Makeup April 28th & 29 at Baby Celebration LA. Stop by and say Hi if you live in the area!

Do you Kaboodle? It’s a fun social shopping site, where you can share your favorite goodies, and create wishlists of the goodies you WANT to have!

I am LOVING the new Martha Stewart website. Yes, I am a domestic nerd, but everyone needs a hobby, right? 😉


I am coveting the Bond No. 9 BonBons. LOVING my Too-Faced Lip Injection Extreme. Trying to MoBlog with my Treo. Wishing I had Pink Rainboots…or blue, or maybe polka-dot! Drooling over the pictures and inspiration over at Apartment Therapy

I have been meaning to share this site, but kept forgetting…how cool is this?

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Make yours here

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  1. I found those cards a while back and put my recipes on them so people can download them. So cute. I bought some lime green rainboots last year to wear in the snow…hee hee. They are lots of fun. I’m thinking of getting some pink ones next.

  2. I’m totally ordering those rainboots. But how do I wear them? Over my shoes? Without my shoes? What’s the rainboot etiquette?

  3. Hey ….love the fact that I can keep updated with you via the blog. Missing you & the boys lots!!! Loved all the pictures…..coming quite the photograper!!! BTW…..in my opinion the “pink /cupcake” rainboots are so you!!!

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