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  1. If you move to St. Louis, you can meet me at the Lake!
    OK, you must move…it’s decided.
    PS) You’ll be MUCH closer to ND!

  2. My advice is : move to NJ. We could be great friends I think.

    Plus I need someone to teach me how to make an apron!

  3. ok what? where have I been you have your own scrapbook room oh wait I mean craft room(soon to be scrapbook room)?? do tell what colors are ya thinking 🙂 You can’t mooooove!!!

  4. Okay, no moving got it. But, If you do I am really happy for you! LOL. I am fond of the colors of my plates. That yellow or maybe a lite orange, oooohh maybe a red. I know you have lots of colors to choose from (color swatches). Hey, I am hell bent on you helping me with the organizing this expecially my files. So next week I am going to try. So again you can’t leave you are the only one close to me. You leave I won’t have anyone to cyber watch my daughter. LOL

  5. Is this the same Domestic Chicky that is holding my aprons hostage? Since when are you thinking of moving to St. Louis? How did I miss that?

    I grew up about an hour east of St. Louis in southern Illinois. I’m all about St. Louis.

    Yeah, so, was that sewing machine delivered after all?

    Ooh, and I love all the new banners! Are you doing all of this? It’s fantastic!!!

  6. D, u can’t move!!!

    as my mom said, we won’t have anyone to cyber watch me! 🙂

    Well, i guess whatevers best fr u. Im sure ull regret leaving me and madre, but whateves…
    seriously tho, whatever u pick should be best for you and ur hubbie!

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