Calamity Kim is an Artist of the highest order. Her Aprons are a mix of collage, eclectic fabrics, and a sense of whimsy that would make a carousel seem staid. Her most recent creations are inspired by The Wizard of Oz, Cinderella, and her own childhood (each link takes you to the corresponding post on her blog). Since this month’s Tie One On theme is pockets, Kim decided to look and see what Dorothy might be carrying in her apron…of course a bone for Toto, and some of Auntie Em’s pie, even a bit of spending money!
Kim’s Cinderella Apron is equally clever…Plus, the reverse side (all of these are reversible!) tells the other side of the Cinderella story…Cindy’s story!
Last but certainly not least is an apron Kim made to remind her of spending summers with her grandmother. I absolutely adore the fabric on this one! You’ll have to visit Kim’s blog and her Art Aprons Flickr page to let her tell the story of this apron…I couldn’t do it justice if I tried!
Thank you so much Kim for letting us share these aprons on our site…They are beautiful and amazing works of art!

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