Have you checked out the snack aisles of target lately? There are some YUMMY treats there! Trail mixes, fruit leathers, cereals – I know, you can find that everywhere, but not this:

Archer Farms Cranberry Nut trail mix

This is the BEST trail mix I have ever had – cranberries, pecans, almonds, and white chocolate chips – it’s got that great crunchy/chewy/sweet and salty thing and it is SOOOO good on oatmeal!  I think I am going to try it next in cookies – YUM! You could probably make your own a lot cheaper, but you do get a lot for the price – I will have to break it down to see…

Speaking of oatmeal – have you tried Mc Donalds new oatmeal? It’s SOO yummy! I found that I can get the same flavor at home by adding fresh cut apples and cranberry/riasin mix to regular maple & brown sugar oatmeal – you can eat 1 packet with fruit for 4 points!

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